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  • $45 million verdict for a medical malpractice case involving failure to diagnose child abuse.

  • $30.5 million jury verdict in Gloucester County for a man rendered a ventilator dependent quadriplegic in a car crash (reduced by 30% for his failure to wear a seatbelt)

  • $11 million recovery for the family of a union carpenter who was killed while driving to work.

  • $8.6 million verdict for the estate of a woman killed when struck by an intoxicated driver. The verdict was against both the driver and the bar that served him.

  • $7.7 million jury verdict in Camden County for a woman broadsided by the driver of an SUV who ran a stop sign, causing catastrophic injuries. She was rendered totally and permanently disabled as a result of the crash.

  • $6.1 million jury verdict for the traumatic amputation of a pedestrian’s leg who was struck by a SUV. Both Mr. Kaplan and Mr. Jarve were involved in this trial in Camden County.

  • $2.9 million jury verdict for a defective seat belt retractor. The defective seat belt of her car failed to restrain this 71 year old woman, causing her to break both legs.

  • $2.7 million recovery for a products liability / medical malpractice / premises liability case. This truck driver was delivering Coca-Cola to a grocery store when an overhead door in the receiving area fell and struck him in the head. Surgery to restore function to his right arm and shoulder was unsuccessful and he could no longer work.

  • $2.1 million recovery for 8 year old boy who sustained serious brain injury resulting from actions of a drunk driver. Recovery was from both the driver and the establishment that served the alcoholic beverages.

  • $2 million recovery involving products liability / medical malpractice / premises liability arising from a work place injury. Mr. Jarve was co-counsel in this Pennsylvania matter. A 65 year old man suffered a closed head injury when he slipped and fell at work due to a leaky eye wash faucet. He was further injured while he was a patient at a rehabilitation hospital in Philadelphia.

  • $1.8 million recovery for a 20 year old motorcyclist who lost his leg in an accident caused by a pothole on a country road that had been negligently maintained.

  • $1.8 million settlement for pedestrian struck by a bus in a parking lot, sustaining serious head injury.

  • $1.7 million recovery for a 17 year old who was injured when the vehicle he was driving rolled over. Suit was instituted against the automobile manufacturer as well as the county and adjacent property development for failing to maintain the roadway.

  • $1.7 million arbitration award for an 18 year old injured in a car crash who suffered traumatic brain injury.

  • $1.7 million dollar recovery for a truck driver struck by a pallet being hoisted by an overhead crane.

  • $1.5 million settlement for orthopedic injuries caused by an auto accident in New York City. Mr. Jarve was admitted pro hac vice (for this one case) in the State of New York.

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