Our client received a particularly savage bite from a neighbor’s dog that resulted in a serious bone infection, nerve damage and scarring. JKGS stepped in to help her recover significant damages.

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Dog Bite

Most responsible dog owners realize that they are required by law to keep their animal confined to their property, as well as restrained and under control when off their property. Unfortunately, too many dog owners are irresponsible.

If a dog attacks you without provocation, the animal’s owner can be held liable for the attack and the medical expenses, which include not just immediate emergency care, but pain and suffering, costly repair of disfigurement, emotional distress, permanent impairment, and more.

If a dog bites you, seek immediate medical attention, take pictures of your injuries, take pictures of the dog that attacked you if safe to do so. Call Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr attorneys for a consultation, we will help you receive compensation for your injury.

If you have suffered a serious personal injury or have lost a loved one due to personal injury, please contact our firm to discuss your potential case.

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