• When Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

    Hiring a Lawyer

    Throughout a personal injury lawyer’s career, he or she will undoubtedly handle a large number of traffic accident cases. However, that does not mean that every car accident requires professional legal representation.

    That said, many individuals often wonder whether or not they need to hire a lawyer at all to handle their particular case.  The answer to that question will vary, as it has to do with the amount of money at stake, the extent of the injuries and conditions incurred and whether there is too much contention to solve the case by simpler means.

    Confirming Fault

    A victim might consider hiring an injury lawyer when none of the drivers involved admit fault in the accident. If any significant amount of property damage or injury is involved, assessing fault may require the use of trained legal professionals. Injury victims might also feel more confident about their case when they have skilled representation by their side. Some states use a “comparative fault” system which can add to the challenge of resolving fault.  In such instances, having an attorney can prove to be quite beneficial.

    Extent of Injuries

    The most simple types of injuries may not require legal action, and in such cases, the injury victim may not need a lawyer. Nevertheless, a primary reason why many people call injury lawyers after car accidents is because even simple whiplash, spinal trauma or soft tissue damage can develop into bigger health problems over time.

    If the victim is expected to incur more than several thousand dollars in medical bills, it may be a good idea for him or her to work with an injury lawyer.

    Will the Insurance Company Pay?

    Another consideration for accident victims wondering if they should hire counsel concerns insurance.  In many cases, the injury victim submits his or her medical bills to the insurance company and the company pays. In some states, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will pay the claim, while in other states, the traditional claims payment process had put such a burden on the courts that state officials moved to a “personal injury protection” or PIP system.  In essence, the injury victim’s own insurance company will make the medical claim payout in states with PIP systems.

    Personal injury attorneys have experience dealing with insurance companies. They understand the complexities of the law in their local areas. In southern New Jersey, professional Camden County car accident lawyers can work to resolve a New Jersey resident’s issues with his or her insurance company when their claims are denied or the company fails to pay in a timely manner.

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