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    What to Do If You’re Involved in a Car Accident with a Drunk Driver

    Any car accident is traumatizing, but if you suspect that your accident was caused by a driver who is intoxicated, things are significantly more stressful. A drunk driver is by definition breaking the law, so instead of simply being involved in a civil issue, you’re also dealing with the criminal justice system.

    To make sure that your situation is documented properly and your rights are protected, it’s important that you keep your wits about you and attend to the items on the list we’ve provided below. Though each is important, the one that is essential is that you attend to your own health and get examined by a medical professional. You may think that you’re fine, but injuries sometimes take a while to manifest symptoms. This list includes most of the same steps you should take following any accident but was written with car accidents involving a drunk driver in mind.

    • Call the police or dial 911. Accidents should always be reported to the police, but 911 is the number to call if you need medical attention. Though you may not think the situation requires a police officer, only the police can write up the official accident report that you will need for your insurance company, so remain on the scene until they come. That document will also be helpful should you need to pursue legal action. It is also important to call the police to ensure that a drunk driver is taken off of the road.
    • Try to stay calm. Inebriated drivers are unpredictable, so avoid interacting with them. If they try to flee the scene, take a photo of them, their car and their license plate but do not try to stop them.
    • Take photos of the scene and the vehicles, and gather contact information from any bystanders and witnesses.
    • Collect insurance information and driver’s license numbers/identification/license plate numbers from all others involved in the car accident
    • Seek medical attention, even if you don’t think that you are injured. Make sure that you get documentation of your visit.
    • Contact your auto insurance company as soon as possible to let them know that you’ve been in a car accident.
    • Contact a car accident attorney to discuss your situation and learn about your rights.

    When a car accident has been caused by a drunk driver, you need the expertise and knowledge of an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact us today to set up a time for a consultation.


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