• What Happens if You Get Injured on Someone Else’s Motorcycle?

    Two friends riding a motorcycle

    Motorcycle Passenger Injuries

    There are few things more exhilarating than riding a motorcycle, yet only a small percentage of the population actually have the opportunity, and that’s why many jump at the chance to catch a ride on someone else’s bike. Unfortunately, motorcycle passengers can end up being injured, and when that happens it can put them in the uncomfortable position of having to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person who offered them a ride. In most cases, a passenger who has been injured in a motorcycle crash has no choice but to hold the motorcycle driver responsible for their injuries.


    As a motorcycle passenger who has been injured, you are likely to suffer significant injuries. Riding on a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than riding in a car or truck because you do not have the protection afforded by a passenger compartment. When a passenger on a motorcycle is injured, there are three different parties that could be liable for the damages that they have suffered. Those who could be held responsible include any of those listed below, or a combination of those listed below:


    • The person operating the motorcycle
    • Any other vehicle(s) involved in the motorcycle crash
    • The motorcycle’s manufacturer, parts manufacturers or those responsible for the motorcycle’s maintenance if it is determined to have been defective


    Determining who is at fault will require a careful analysis of the crash. Some motorcycle crashes involve only the bike: these may be caused by a driver being inattentive or reckless, or they could be caused by hazards on the road, weather conditions, or defects with the bike or its maintenance. By contrast, crashes involving other vehicles can occur either when the motorcycle operator takes evasive action in response to another vehicle, or when two or more vehicles collide.


    No matter what the mechanism of the motorcycle crash, what the injured passenger will need to do is establish that their injuries were caused by negligence. Whether that is the fault of the operator, another motorist, or a manufacturer or maintenance shop, filing a successful personal injury lawsuit can help you receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages or earning capacity, pain and suffering and more. For information on how we can help you get the reimbursement you need, contact us today to set up a free consultation.


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