• What do Cities like Philadelphia Hope to Accomplish by Suing Opioid Manufacturers?

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    Opioid Manufacturers Lawsuit

    One of the most challenging social issues facing America today is the opioid epidemic, which is devastating communities and affecting tens of thousands of people every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioid overdoses cause five deaths every hour in the United States. There are many different things that people are trying to do to fight back against the problem, and one of the most interesting is that big cities across the country are filing lawsuits for pharmacy malpractice against the drug manufacturers, holding them responsible for the damage that they have caused. The City of Philadelphia is leading the way in this effort: the city has the highest overdose rate per capita of any big U.S. city.

    In filing their pharmaceutical malpractice lawsuit, the City of Philadelphia is claiming that the pharmaceutical companies’ marketing methods have led to the drugs being overprescribed. The attorneys representing the city say that because of the ways that the company is advertising, it has made addiction even worse and cost the city a great deal of money, and what they are hoping to accomplish by suing opioid manufacturers is the cost of treatment and other expenses connected with the epidemic.

    There are many different opioids on the market, and they are manufactured and sold by many different companies. The city of Philadelphia is suing Allergan, Cephalon, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Endo Health Solutions and Endo Pharmaceuticals, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Purdue Pharmaceuticals LP, Purdue Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Purdue Frederick Co. Inc. Though the companies have largely indicated that they are concerned about the crisis, they have also denied the notion that they are liable for the damage caused by their products.

    Opioid addiction generally begins innocently, with people being prescribed powerful painkillers by their physician or dentist following an injury or procedure. According to City Solicitor Sozi Pedro Tulante, “This epidemic can be traced back to the defendants’ false and deceptive marketing to doctors and the public that these drugs are safe and effective for the daily treatment of long-term chronic pain.” The city’s costs have been “in the millions,” with expenses including the money spent on sending police and first responders to help victims, as well as with the costs incurred by having so many city employees addicted. Families are also filing suit.

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