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    Commonly Misdiagnosed Cancer

    The idea that a physician might misdiagnose cancer is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, but unfortunately, cancer misdiagnosis happens all too frequently. Not only are patients told that they don’t have cancer when they do and vice versa, but they are also given incorrect information about the stage of their cancer. Both of these mistakes can have dire consequences. Treatment of undiagnosed cancer may be delayed to the point where its effectiveness is compromised. Patients may be asked to undergo challenging treatments that turn out to be necessary. Patients may believe that they are healthier – or unhealthier than they actually are, leading to emotional hardship and decisions that may not otherwise be made. All of these issues can be a good reason for filing a misdiagnosis medical malpractice lawsuit.

    A recent survey conducted by the National Coalition on Health Care examined the issue of misdiagnosis. The Washington D.C-based organization worked collaboratively with a Boston company called Best Doctors with the goal of learning whether physicians who have misdiagnosed a condition are aware of their own mistakes, and what can be done to improve reporting. Though those who face misdiagnosis medical malpractice lawsuits are certainly aware of what’s happened, in most cases physicians remain unaware of what has happened. This is generally what happens when patients seek second opinions for their diagnosis: when they learn that the first diagnosis was wrong, they simply seek appropriate treatment with the second (or third) physician and very few go back to the original physician to let them know that they had been wrong. This explains the statistic that the group put forth, showing that 60.5 percent of physicians estimated that misdiagnosis occurs “zero to 10 percent” of the time when in fact the misdiagnosis rate is closer to between 15 percent and 28 percent

    The cancers that are most frequently associated with misdiagnosis are lymphoma, breast cancer and sarcoma. Though this is sometimes a result of the specific challenges involved with identifying these disease, all too often it is a reflection of substandard care and negligence.

    When misdiagnosis happens, patients can suffer tremendous damage. They may fail to receive an appropriate treatment plan or can start down the road with the wrong treatment plan. In both cases, their care is compromised. If you have been a victim of a physician’s misdiagnosis and need information about your legal rights to pursue compensation, we can help. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your situation.

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