• The Most Common School Teacher Injuries

    Teacher Injuries

    Work Injuries In Schools

    If you’re a teacher or have a family member who is a teacher, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been told repeatedly that you should be proud, and of what important role teachers play. People often tell teachers that they are selfless and that they deserve to be paid more – but few realize that in addition to putting others before themselves, teachers and other school employees are often at risk of significant injuries.

    Though teaching may seem like a relatively low-risk occupation, the truth is that they are not only vulnerable to the same types of workplace injuries as all other workers are, but also at risk for specific injuries that have to do with the requirements of their unique workplace. Let’s look at the most common school teacher/worker injuries.

    The first category of school-environment injuries is those that can also happen in offices, retail environments, and other workplaces: repetitive stress injuries, falls, and sprains and strains. A workplace accident is just as likely to happen from standing on a ladder to decorate a bulletin board as can occur in a factory or construction site. In all cases, these types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation.

    Beyond everyday injuries, teachers and school workers are at risk for unique workplace accidents that are unique to their environment. These include school violence at the hands of students, parents, and visitors to the school; athletic injuries that gym teachers and sports coaches can suffer when helping students to achieve their goals and win victories; explosions, burns and chemical exposures that can befall science teachers or shop teachers; and strains, sprains and injuries that special education teachers face when dealing with their atypical students.

    School administrations have a responsibility to provide their students with the protective equipment, security and safety procedures that will maximize their safety, but whether a workplace accident is a matter of luck, a matter of carelessness on the teacher’s fault or a matter of negligence on the part of the school, the medical expenses required to heal the injury are typically covered by workers’ compensation. For information on the benefits to which you are entitled and representation to ensure that you can access those benefits, contact us today.

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