• Summertime is Also Known as Trauma Season


    Common Injuries In “Trauma Season”

    Now that the weather is warming up, a lot more accidents and injuries are soon to occur. Many hospital and emergency room workers have been known to refer to summer breaks as “trauma season” due to the influx of children’s injuries. Between May and September, a large number of hospitals see the number of children’s injuries nearly double. This starts in April, when bicycle injuries become more common.

    While the summertime brings an array of different injuries, here are the top 10 most common injuries to look out for with the warming weather.

    1. Bicycle Injuries. When riding a bicycle, there are many injuries that can result including arm and wrist fractures, along with head injuries, making safety gear important.
    2. Lawn Mower Accidents. While these accidents aren’t as common as the rest of the list, they are among the most serious.
    3. This is the most common injury among children. Whether they take a dive from a skateboard or slip near a pool, the lower height falls can be the more serious. Practice caution around dangerous areas.
    4. Amusement Rides. Every year, 4,000 injuries occur at amusement parks. Of those 4,000, over 70 percent occur between the months of May and September.
    5. Gunshot Wounds. Around half of all injuries from air rifles, BB guns and paintball guns happen in the summer and early fall due to children being out of school.
    6. With the increased use of outdoor grills, there are hundreds of injuries and fires every year. Campfire-related incidents also spike during the summer months.
    7. Trampoline Accidents. Most commonly, injuries and accidents occur when there is more than one person on a trampoline at one time. This is because jumping at the same time can lead to collisions that result in concussions, sprains and broken bones.
    8. Dogs are more likely to break loose from a yard or being unrestrained during the summertime. Kids are the most common victim of dog bites.
    9. ATV, Dirt Bike, or Motorcycle Injury. ATV injuries often come as a result of rollovers while dirt bike and motorcycle injuries are more common from high speeds and jumps. Both can result in head injuries and bone fractures.
    10. Swimming Injuries. Diving accidents make up around five percent of all spinal cord injuries and drownings spike in June and July due to pools opening for the season, making a life guard or designated adult supervision imperative.

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