• Summer is Construction Site Accidents Season

    With the busiest construction season comes the biggest season of construction site accidents. As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about your safety regulations at your construction site whether you own the company or will be working on the site.

    Preparation is the biggest defense against accidents. By having the right programs and checking equipment in a timely fashion, you can avoid many accidents and near-misses at your work site.

    Safety Audit

    Having a fall protection program in place that identifies weaknesses is a great starting spot. Before any work is done, conducting a safety audit of the work space and tools can go a long way. An audit generally has four components:

    • Report of the existing safety plan.
    • Preparation of all records of training, incidents and injuries, fall protection policies, along with any requirements by local, state and federal agencies.
    • Review the current program and policies, along with all records mentioned above. Additionally, inspect the condition of all safety equipment, such as harnesses, and assess the existing storage practices.
    • Follow up on the necessary changes found during the audit.

    Conventional Fall Protection

    When there is a possibility of dropping six feet or more, OSHA has requirements for fall protection such as:

    • Safety Nets
    • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
    • Guard Rails

    Worker Training

    Rather than simply offering personal fall arrest systems, it can be a huge investment to train your workers on how to properly use them. By using these systems properly, the risk of falls will be significantly reduced.

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