• Have You Suffered Injuries from Prescription Drugs?

    How A Lawyer Can Help If You Have Been Injured

    When we are prescribed a medication, we take it with the understanding and trust that by doing so we are solving a problem, whether putting ourselves on the road to recovery, providing ourselves with a reduction in symptoms, or protecting ourselves from future illness. Unfortunately, that trust is not always well placed, as there have been many instances in which it is determined that the pharmaceutical industry has released medication without ensuring that it is safe for all to use, or without providing appropriate or accurate warnings as to its uses. As a result, some prescription drugs have caused terrible injuries of all kinds, including increased risk of cancer, heart attack or stroke, birth defects or even miscarriages of babies born to women who were taking the drug while pregnant, and even death. If you have suffered an injury or loss as a result of a prescription drug, a personal injury lawyer from the law firm of Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr, LLC can help. We have extensive experience in fighting for the rights of those who have suffered injuries from prescription drugs, and we can help you too.

    Prescription drug injuries fall under a specific area of the practice of law known as product liability. Product liability laws state that manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that the products that are being released to the public are safe and have appropriate directions. Companies are required to provide products that have been designed with public safety in mind, and in the case of prescription drug manufacturers this requirement includes a need to perform extensive testing in order to make sure that there are no long-term ill effects.  Unfortunately, many companies ignore these rules or try to work around them in order to get their product to market as quickly as possible. Drug research and testing is expensive and time consuming, so companies prefer to get their drugs to patients as quickly as possible so that they can begin making money on them. In some cases, companies do not spend enough time on testing. In other cases, they are aware of a drug’s dangers but release it anyway. No matter what the circumstance, if you have suffered injuries from a prescription drug, you need the representation of an experienced legal advocate to make sure that you are provided with compensation for the damages that you have suffered.

    In many instances, you may be just one among many who have suffered an injury from having taken a prescription drug. When there are many people who have suffered similar injuries from taking the same drug, the courts may establish what is known as a class action lawsuit in which multiple plaintiffs are represented at once. At Jarve, Kaplan,Granato, & Starr, LLC, we can review your circumstances and do the research to determine whether you may be eligible to join one of these lawsuits or whether you would be better served by filing a product liability lawsuit on your own. We are here to help and to make sure that you get the compensation and justice that you deserve.

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