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    Be on the Lookout for Nursing Home Negligence

    Staff are in Short Supply Around the Holidays

    When you helped to select a nursing home or long term care facility for your loved one, you likely spent a great deal of time investigating the facility’s safety record and ratings, and looking around at the layout of the living environment. You checked to make sure that things looked clean and the food seemed appetizing, and spoke to the staff to make sure that they were friendly and compassionate. Unfortunately, no matter how thorough your check list may have been, there are some things that you just can’t prepare for, and one of these is staff shortages around the holiday. As is true with nearly every service business, it can be hard to get people to work when they’d rather be celebrating with their own family and friends, but what can mean a longer wait time at a cash register in a retail store can have deadly consequences in a facility that is responsible for a frail person’s health and safety. At the elder care law firm of Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr, LLC, we know that when staff are in short supply around the holidays, it can be a recipe for disaster. Be on the lookout for nursing home negligence, and at the first sign, call us for help.

    The problem of staffing in America’s nursing homes has reached a crisis level that risks serious jeopardy for residents. The problem is one that is ever present, but exacerbated during the holidays. All nursing homes have trouble finding and attracting qualified personnel, and once they’ve hired them, holding onto them can be even more difficult. The work environment is challenging, frustrating, and at times can be depressing and stressful. The pay is not particularly attractive, and there are a limited number of people who have the qualifications and training that are needed. When you add all of these stressors to the holidays, you find that staff members may be working with less help at a time when they would prefer to be with their families opening presents and joining in family meals. Tempers can flare and lead to nursing home abuse, or staff members may find themselves unmotivated to provide the assistance that is needed, which can lead to nursing home neglect.

    Though it is easy to think that nursing home staffing issues are just a problem for their employers, the extreme vulnerability of those who are under their care means that it can become a physical or emotional problem for the home’s residents. When staff members are angry, or those who are left in charge are those with the least experience, it is a recipe for disaster. If you have an infirm relative living in a nursing home facility, make sure that you are keeping your eyes open and watch out for signs of neglect or abuse, especially at the holidays. If you find that they have suffered any kind of harm, contact the attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr, LLC today.

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