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    As a Small Business Owner, What Can I Do to Prevent Premises Accidents?

    Premises Liability

    As an entrepreneur opening a small business, there are so many decisions you need to make and responsibilities you are taking on. You need to identify a location and arrange for its lease or purchase, buy all of your inventory and hire staff, apply for appropriate business licenses and permits, and address all of your marketing needs. Bookkeeping and accounting needs to be taken care of and taxes need to be paid, and at the same time you need to make sure that your customers have a pleasant and engaging experience when they are on your premises. No small business owner wants to think about their customers getting hurt, but it can happen if you don’t take care. The best way to prevent premises accidents is to take a practical approach to hazard management, identifying potential risk and taking action to eliminate it on a constant and regular basis. At Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr, LLC, we represent people who have been hurt in premises accidents, and we encourage all small business owners to take these important steps to prevent people from suffering injuries.

    The most common premises accidents are slip and fall accidents. They can not only affect customers, but also employees, so it is important to do everything in your power to prevent against this happening. Some concrete steps that you can take include:

    • Do a thorough assessment of what areas in your business pose threats, and take steps to correct them.
    • Check the slip resistance of your floor and choose a floor surface or covering that provides good slip resistance and stability.
    • Furnish the business with mats around retail areas where liquids can be spilled and entrances to cut down on the possibility of water being tracked throughout the facility and creating slippery areas.
    • Check your store displays to make sure that they do not impede visibility and that they are securely anchored and won’t fall on people.
    • Make sure that there is adequate signage and marking pointing out steps and changes in level.
    • Make sure that you are regularly checking to make sure that debris is picked up and spills are cleaned up.
    • Keep customers out of an area while it is being cleaned.
    • Make sure that any snow and ice are promptly removed from sidewalks parking lots and walkways.
    • Schedule regular inspections of carpets and matting to ensure that they are properly placed and in good condition.
    • If your business has escalators or elevators, make sure that they are inspected and maintained regularly.
    • Make sure that your staff wears appropriate footwear and is trained regarding the need to prevent slip and fall accidents for themselves as well as for customers.
    • Create a standard procedure to follow when an accident takes place. This should include gathering all personal information and documenting all evidence at the time that any incident takes place.

    Nobody small business owner wants to be accused of negligence in their care of customers. By following these steps provided by the personal injury attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr, you can go a long way towards protecting all who enter your premises.

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