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    Should You Call The Police If You Hit A Deer?

    Deer Related Auto Accidents

    Deer-related auto accidents are an all-too-common occurrence, especially in the fall and winter. Earlier sunset times mean that the deer are out and active at the same time that cars are likely to be on the road, and colder weather means that the animals need to travel farther to forage for food. As much as you may enjoy seeing these gentle animals in far-off pastures or while hiking in the woods, they can do a tremendous amount of damage when they collide with your vehicle, and if they weren’t killed in the incident, the injured animal can also present a real danger to you. There are several steps you need to take when you’ve been in an auto accident with a deer, and one of the most important is to call the police.

    When you’ve hit or been hit by a deer, follow these steps:

    • Move your vehicle off the roadway if you can. Not only do you need to make way for other vehicles, but you should also stay off the road yourself. Do not go and check on the deer. It may be unconscious, and if it awakens while you are nearby, it can turn aggressive and charge.
    • Call the police. The authorities should be called for auto accidents. Not only will they make arrangements to clear the animal out of the roadway if it is blocking traffic, but they will also file an official report that you can turn in to your insurance company.
    • Record as many details as possible, including photos of where the incident took place, damage to your vehicle, the animal and more. If there are any witnesses that stopped or who were in your vehicle, ask for their contact information and for their version of what happened.
    • Have your vehicle checked to make sure that it is safe-to-drive. Do not drive your car if your visibility is impeded or there are concerns about its safety.
    • Contact your insurance company to submit a claim for both damage or injuries. Include all documentation and police reports as soon as you have them.

    Though a deer-related auto accident may be nobody’s fault, insurance companies are not always as quick to pay as they should be. If you find that your insurer is giving you a hard time or is unwilling to pay what you believe you are owed, contact our office for assistance.

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