• Do Self-Driving Cars Really Reduce Car Accidents?

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    If one thing is true of today’s technology, it’s that it’s hard to keep up with all of the new innovations. It seems as if every day there is some remarkable new invention being announced or revealed to be in the works, and all of them are designed to improve our quality of life in one way or another. One of the most fascinating of these announcements is the revelation that someday soon, cars will be completely autonomous, able to drive themselves without human intervention. This idea holds appeal for many reasons beyond simply coming close to what was envisioned by the creators of The Jetsons.

    One of the biggest promises of self-driving cars is that they will reduce the number of car accidents on our highways. But for every consumer who is excited about this idea, there is another who shakes their head and says that they wouldn’t trust a machine over human judgment. This position raises the very good question of whether self-driving cars really make the roads safer.

    In a recent presentation on the future of travel, renowned scientist and self-driving car expert Dr. Hussein Dia indicated that there is no question as to the improvement in safety that self-driving cars represent. According to Dr. Dia, approximately 9 out of every 10 of the 1.2 million annual fatalities from car accidents globally are the result of human error, and most of these would be eliminated by the new technology.

    Dia is the chairman of Swinburne’s University’s Department of Civil and Construction Engineering in Australia. “A large proportion could be avoided by using self-driving vehicles, and there is compelling logic in removing humans — the key source of the error — from the driving equation,” he said. “Driven by artificial intelligence, these vehicles will not make errors of judgment the way a human driver does. They will not drink and drive. They will not fall asleep behind-the-wheel. They will not get distracted by playing Pokémon Go.”

    Many of the injuries and fatalities arising from car accidents on America’s highways are determined to be caused by the driver’s negligence. The specific cause may be poor judgment, reckless driving, insufficient training, drowsiness, driving under the influence, distraction or many other causes. These issues will be eliminated once self-driving cars become both a reality and represent the majority of vehicles on the roads. Until that time, car accidents caused by negligence are still a significant problem. If you’ve been injured in this type of incident and you would like information about your rights, contact us today.

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