• School Bullying and Personal Injury: Representing NJ Victims

    New changes in New Jersey school bullying laws provide some general insight on how broad-based many kinds of cases had can be that involve victims of either physical or emotional abuse.

    As of the spring of 2014, local New Jersey courts are ruling that school districts facing bullying lawsuits can, in some cases, bring claims against those who are accused of bullying behavior.

    Under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, New Jersey has a rather comprehensive law covering bullying in schools. New Jersey and other states are acting to protect the victims of physical and verbal harassment in schools, the same way that they are protecting victims of all ages from different kinds of public health and safety hazards. Now, pending cases show that it may be possible for a New Jersey school district to take legal action against aggressive or hostile students accused of bullying when victims bring their own claims against the school.

    Identifying Responsibility for Injury and Harm

    In some ways, these new changes are similar to what takes place in a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases. When called upon to represent their clients in New Jersey courts, Marlton injury lawyers and other injury lawyers look closely at all of the facts related to the case, not just the basic questions of who was at fault. For instance, in traffic accidents, a driver may be at fault, but unable to pay for the victim’s costs. Qualified personal injury attorneys will look at all angles of the case, including whether any kind of negligence or inattention to public safety was a factor in an accident.

    Personal injury attorneys do this to get the best outcomes for injury victims, to help families collect the money that they need for the costs and hardships that they face after an injury.

    In the same way that victims of emotional or verbal harassment might look toward various responsible parties, personal injury attorneys are always working to find out whether some third party has a responsibility to pay on personal injury or wrongful death claims. By doing this thorough research and covering every aspect of the case, these experienced lawyers can benefit their clients, who need this kind of assistance to get justice in injury claim situations.

    Marlton Injury Lawyers

    The Marlton injury lawyers lawyers at Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr, LLC can provide help with many different kinds of personal injury or wrongful death claims, including those that relate to.

    • workplace injury
    • medical malpractice
    • product liability
    • traffic accidents
    • nursing home abuse

    Get qualified personal injury or wrongful death legal assistance in New Jersey or Pennsylvania from the law offices of Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr, LLC. We have experience in helping families to evaluate their cases and identify their best options for moving forward, to access their rights under the law and get the money that they need for the care of a family member.

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