• Roadwork in Cherry Hill – How Roadwork Increases Accident Risk

    A recent roadwork project in Cherry Hill is just one example of the many kinds of projects that local road crews have to accomplish, while taking into account massive traffic volumes and general requirements for public safety.

    Local newspapers including the Courier Post have reported on projects such as new work on Springdale Road and other areas. The particular Springdale Road project required milling and overlay activities, in addition to changing public drainage systems and doing work on existing concrete surfaces. All of this needed to be done “out in the road,” in a chaotic environment, which poses challenges for workers and drivers alike.

    With these kinds of projects, officials often have to announce lane closures or notify motorists of some delays related to the roadwork in question. The road work area preparation strategy should involve appropriate signage, items like flares and safety cones, and other kinds of visual warnings to commuters and others using the roads in question.

    Public Administration for Traffic Changes

    The above Courier Post article quotes Camden County Freeholder Ian Leonard talking about the responsibility of local government to maintain heavily traveled roads. Another responsibility of local government is to make sure that public safety precautions are in place for road projects. Sudden traffic pattern changes can contribute to risk on local roads, and along with other factors, can have an impact on traffic injuries and local communities. Changes like this, that may seem small, can be significant in researching a personal injury case where many factors may have made a difference in the outcomes.

    There’s a lot to consider in a traffic accident case. There is the responsibility of individual drivers who may be distracted, under the influence of substances, or simply reckless in their behavior. There’s the issue of inclement weather or poor sight distance. Even more issues are related to uneven lanes, unmarked lane changes and more. Vineland personal injury lawyers will look at all of these when representing clients in court. A professional personal injury attorney needs to understand the full context of the case, to do the thorough research that will support the best chance of a settlement for an injury victim and his or her family. The work of a legal professional requires a detail-oriented approach, a philosophy that ‘no stone should be left unturned’ and that there are no “small” issues in helping an individual to recover money for medical bills, lost wages and more.

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