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    Preventing Auto Accidents While Traveling For The Holidays

    Accident Prevention on Winter Roads

    “Over the river and through the woods” is the first line of a holiday song, and it’s just a part of the reality for millions of Americans who hit the roads between the run-up to Thanksgiving and the days after New Year’s every year. In our excitement to see family and friends, it’s important that we’re mindful of road conditions, traffic rules, auto maintenance, and other drivers’ bad behavior in order to make sure that we avoid auto accidents and arrive at our destinations (and back) safely. Here are a few tips for preventing auto accidents while traveling for the holidays:

    • Expect traffic and allow yourself plenty of time.
    • Make sure that you know where you’re going ahead of time. Looking look down at a GPS or printed directions can lead to catastrophe if the driver ahead of you stops suddenly or changes lanes. If you have somebody to help you navigate, use them!
    • Don’t tailgate or weave in and out of traffic. Aggressive driving can lead to auto accidents and episodes of road rage.
    • Pay attention to weather conditions and make sure that you’re equipped for ice and snow. If you can leave earlier or later to avoid risk, do so. If not, reduce your speed and drive with caution.
    • Get plenty of rest before hitting the road. Drowsy driving accounts for an increasing number of auto accidents.
    • Make sure that you’ve properly maintained your vehicle before you head out. Have you had your tires, brakes and battery checked as well as your fluid levels? Replace windshield wipers that are doing a less than stellar job, and make sure that all of your lights and brake lights are working.
    • Make sure your car is equipped for an emergency. This includes a flashlight, a blanket, bottled water, jumper cables, a tire jack and flares. Also, keep a mobile phone charger in your car so that you can make emergency calls if necessary.
    • Always wear your seat belt.
    • Do not text or read texts. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
    • Use your turn signals.
    • Obey traffic signs and posted speed limits.
    • Recognize that tipsy driving is drunken driving. If you’ve had alcohol, don’t get behind the wheel.

    If you do have an auto accident, make sure that you speak to all witnesses and get the other driver’s information. Contact the police and get a police report. If you are injured and need assistance, contact our auto accident attorneys to discuss how we can help. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe!

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