When a South Jersey resident’s prescription for painkillers was incorrectly filled at 10Xs the prescribed amount, our team of attorneys took on the responsible pharmacy.

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Pharmacy Malpractice

Vioxx, Fen-Phen, Baycol and Accutane are just some of the better-known FDA-approved drugs that have resulted in significant injury or death. As consumers, we trust that our health and well-being is protected, but sometimes in a rush to get a promising drug to market consumers pay the biggest price. Other times, the pharmacist simply gives the wrong quantity, dosage or type of drug to a patient. Obviously, this can lead to catastrophic results.

Depending on the circumstances, the victims may choose to file an individual lawsuit or join a class action lawsuit. This decision should be made carefully and consider all of the relevant facts. A consultation with one of our malpractice attorneys can help you make the best choice as you move forward.

Keep in mind that there are strict deadlines for filing claims. Wait too long to act and you risk having the Statute of Limitations bar your claim for not taking immediate action.

If you have suffered a serious personal injury or have lost a loved one due to personal injury, please contact our firm to discuss your potential case.

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