When a local carpenter slipped and fell off a roof at a new construction site. Our investigation discovered and argued that the site did not have adequate fall protection.

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Construction Site Accidents


We recovered $1.35 million on behalf of our client who continues to suffer as a result of fractures to his spine.


Not surprisingly, construction sites are quite dangerous. Serious accidents are commonplace with thousands of workers injured or killed on the job each year. Construction companies are required by law to inspect each site with safety engineer experts and implement required safety measures. The problem is many construction companies take short cuts, fail to implement adequate measures, are remiss in regularly supervising the job-site among numerous other acts of neglect.

Construction workers will generally file a Workers’ Compensation claim against the employer. However, a smart law firm knows many other avenues of recovery are may be available for losses such as pain and suffering, future lost wages and loss of employment. Likewise, injured workers may be able to recover greater compensation from third party entities that may have contributed to the occurrence. These third parties may include property owners, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors and others.

  • Construction Site Falls
  • Elevator Accidents
  • Fork Lift Accidents
  • Ladder Accidents
  • Scaffolding Collapses
  • Improper and Unsafe Equipment
  • Run-Over by Operating Equipment
  • Collapses Fires and Explosions
  • Cutting Accidents
  • Structure Failure
  • Building Collapse
  • Supervisor Negligence
  • Punch Press Malfunctions
  • Exploding Compressor
  • Gas Explosion

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