• Pharmacy Malpractice 101

    Understanding Pharmacy Malpractice in South Jersey

    Remember the days when the local pharmacy was owned and operated by a pharmacist whose name you knew? In those days pharmacists were often called “Doc”, and they did far more than just counting out pills. They knew all about your family and your illnesses and you could rely on them catching mistakes and looking out for your best interests. Those pharmacists and their staffs truly cared about the work that they did and saw their customers as friends. Unfortunately, that kind of personal attention is a thing of the past. Pharmacies are big businesses that sell everything from medicine to dog toys and the staff behind the pharmacy counter is constantly changing and always overworked. Though the companies behind the brands insist that their sheer size means that better quality control measures have been put in place, the reality is that there are more mistakes being made in pharmacies then ever before. The lack of care and attention that is behind a pharmacist or pharmacy tech providing you with the wrong medicine or mislabeling a prescription is known as pharmacy malpractice, and it can cause serious harm. If you have been a victim of pharmacy malpractice in South Jersey then you need experienced legal representation. Call the attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr for information on how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

    When you walk into a pharmacy, whether it’s with a prescription from your physician, to pick up a refill or to pick up an order called in by your doctor, you trust that the store’s professional staff will read the order carefully, fill the prescription with the correct medication, and label the medication with the correct instructions. Though you have every right to expect this level of care and responsibility, unfortunately your trust is not always warranted. Pharmacists and pharmacy techs that are not paying attention or who have been pressured to work at unreasonably fast paces have given medications to the wrong patients, filled orders with the wrong medications or the wrong strengths or dosages, and labeled them with incorrect instructions. All of these mistakes put patients at risk, and have caused either illness or death, and represent negligence that rises to the level of pharmacy malpractice.

    Pharmacists receive special training that not only teaches them how to fill a doctor’s orders, but also to spot mistakes on the physician’s part in terms of drug interactions, patient allergies, and more. When a pharmacist’s failure to do this falls below what would reasonably be expected from a professional in the same circumstances, it represents pharmacy malpractice. The damages that can result include serious illness or death. If you have been a victim of pharmacy malpractice, call the attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr. We will meet with you and review your situation to determine if your rights have been violated, and work to get you the compensation that you deserve if they have.

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