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    Understanding Pharmacist Mistakes

    Have you ever gotten home from a trip to the drug store to pick up your prescription, only to find that the pharmacist gave you the wrong pills? Perhaps the pill bottle inside of the bag had somebody else’s name on it. Maybe the name was right but the medicine identified on the label wasn’t what you were expecting, or the dosage instructions on the label are different from what your physician told you that they would be. If you spotted these errors and simply went back to the store to get them fixed, then consider yourself lucky. Many people are not as aware as you, or who simply didn’t know better, have trusted that the medication and instructions provided to them by the professionals at the pharmacy were correct, taken the pills, and gotten sick as a result. Some have even died. When this happens it is more than a mistake — it is pharmacist malpractice, and the South Jersey Pharmacist malpractice lawyers of Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr are able to provide experienced legal help to those who have been victims of this type of negligence.

    There are many reasons why pharmacists make mistakes. Sometimes they are simply not paying attention or are suffering from fatigue or sleep deprivation. Sometimes they are operating at an unreasonable pace that is forced on them by the store’s owners. Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for making an error that could cause serious injury or death to a person entrusted to your care and professionalism. There are a number of different types of pharmacy errors can take place. These include:

    • Incorrect dosage – Many medications come in a wide range of doses, and a pharmacist may fill a prescription using the correct medication at a strength that is too much or too little for the patient’s condition.
    • Wrong medication – This happens frequently when medications have similar names and a pharmacist may misread a prescription in haste or reach for the wrong bottle. When a patient takes a medication that is meant to treat a different condition, not only do they not get better but they may suffer serious consequences depending upon the drug that they take.
    • Wrong instructions – The instructions that are contained on a prescription bottle label are critically important. If the instructions provide the wrong information about how much of a drug should be taken or how often, a patient have an inadequate dosage and may not get better, or may end up taking far too much and overdosing.
    • Wrong person – When a pharmacist puts one patient’s medication label on another’s bottle or hands the wrong bottle to a patient, the patient risks taking the incorrect medication and getting very sick.

    There are many other instances of pharmacist malpractice, including not spotting dangerous drug interactions or allergies. A pharmacist is expected to be vigilant when filling a patient’s prescription because failure to do so can cause severe harm. If you have been the victim of pharmacy negligence or pharmacist malpractice, call the South Jersey pharmacist malpractice attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr today for aggressive, compassionate legal representation.

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