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    What to Know When Hiring a Lawyer for Your Injuries

    Though most people think that personal injury attorneys are only to be called when there has been a motor vehicle collision, a slip and fall injury, or some other type of accident, the truth is that our court system provides the opportunity to pursue a personal injury lawsuit for any situation where damages to person or property have occurred. This includes cases of assault. Though being a victim of an assault may lead to prosecution being pursued by the criminal justice system, there is also the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit for damages that have been suffered. People tend to think of personal injury being strictly about damage caused by being negligent or careless, but injury can also result from an intentional act, and when you file a civil lawsuit over damages from an assault, the goal is to receive compensation for the losses suffered. If you have been the victim of an assault, whether physical or emotional, you may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. The compassionate attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr, LLC are personal injury lawyers for assault, and can help you understand what you need to know when hiring a lawyer for your injuries.

    There are several different types of injuries and damages that can be suffered as a result of an assault. Whether you have sustained physical damage or psychological damage that has required that you get medical care, then you may be entitled to economic damages. Economic damages are specific reimbursement for expenses that you have had to pay as a result of your injury, and can include medical bills, hospital expenses, the cost to repair or replace any property that was damaged or lost as a result of the assault, and any wages that were lost as a result of your injuries.  You may also be entitled to non-economic damages that are provided to compensate you for items for which there are no bills. These damages are called non-economic because they do not have a price tag or receipt that can be shown. They generally refer to the pain that you have suffered, or any loss of enjoyment of life that has resulted from having been assaulted. In many instances a victim of an assault may also be provided with punitive damages that are designed to serve as punishment for the attacker.

    Making the determination as to whether or not to file a personal injury lawsuit for an assault is a complex process. In many cases an assailant may not have the assets that would be needed to provide compensation for the damage that they have caused, but in other instances third parties may be held responsible or negligent or contributory. As a victim of an assault, it is important that you know your rights and speak to a personal injury lawyer who can look at your situation from all sides in order to ensure that you are doing what is in your best interest. Call the attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr, LLC today.

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