• Patient First Coming to Woodbury

    A new line of urgent care centers is coming to Gloucester in southern New Jersey.

    August 5 reports from the South Jersey Times show Virginia-based Patient First is opening up a facility at 630 Mantua Pike in Woodbury on August 13.

    The facility, which is slated to open late this year or early next year, will have radiology, lab and prescription drug operations on site.

    Urgent Care “Cloning?”

    The emergence of more of these urgent care centers in Woodbury has led some residents to question the ubiquity of these services.

    An August 18 letter to the editor in the same newspaper questions why there is a Patient First opening up when there is already another urgent care center called MedExpress on a local area of Route 45.

    One probable reason for the opening of multiple urgent care centers in the same community, often in the same city blocks, is that not all urgent care centers work with all insurers. In fact, many enrolled policy members have found that a particular urgent care facility will not participate with their insurance company for one reason or another. This applies to any urgent care center — these convenient provider offices contract with insurance companies on an individual basis, and often have industry alliances that leave some walk-in patients out in the cold. Self-pay at these facilities can be extremely costly. Although these types of medical facilities are touted as ‘emergency room light,’ where costs may be as little as 20% to 30% of the average ER visit, there’s still the potential for a routine consultation and accompanying five minute procedure to cost many hundreds of dollars.

    Medical Malpractice Law

    Local Bridgeton medical malpractice lawyers are looking critically at the emergence of urgent care models, along with all of the other aspects of how patients are served in local Southern New Jersey communities. That’s because provider offices are often part of the equation when accessing a local personal injury case.

    Along with the reasons for the accident and injury, and whether inattention to public safety or negligence contributed, there’s also the question of quick and competent care. How an injury victim is cared for by local providers can make quite a difference in the eventual health outcomes, including what kinds of long-term health conditions result.

    Local injury lawyers will be familiar with the provider offices operating in the community, their care models, their health ratings and other aspects of operations. In a medical malpractice personal injury case, Bridgeton medical malpractice lawyers will do the in-depth fact finding to support their client’s interests in a court of law.

    Getting in Touch with Bridgeton Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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