• Out-of-Network Costs and Personal Injury Bills

    Generally, when accident victims contact personal injury lawyers, most of them understand that the lawyer’s job includes trying to obtain just compensation for their clients’ injuries. One important element of a lawyer’s process is to identify what the victim’s costs will be.

    The best injury attorneys have a good understanding of medical practices and the current state of the health care industry. They may routinely work with insurance company representatives or medical providers to assess medical costs for an injury victim and work those costs into a potential plan for pursuing compensation.

    However, some cases are easier than others.  Many issues often reveal themselves when an injury victim goes to a provider or a facility for treatment. One such issue can be referred to as the “high out-of-network costs” problem.  This problem is one of the tricks of the industry that all patients needs to be aware of when they are admitted or when they sign patient financial responsibility forms for services.

    The Problem With Network Costs

    Most insurance policies include a medical network whereby those who receive services from providers within that network will see much lower bills. By contrast, many policy provisions, like coinsurance and blanket coverage, will only apply to in-network providers. That means that when it comes to getting out-of-network treatment, patients will, in practical terms, be paying out of pocket.

    That being the case, the extremely high costs of out-of-pocket medical bills have led many patients to make sure they only visit providers who are within their insurance company’s network. Even still, that practice will not guarantee that injured patients will not be burdened with high out-of-network bills.

    Transient Care in the Health Care Industry

    The core problem related to surprise out-of-network bills is the complexity of the medical bill itself, as well as the role of individual doctors and nurses and other healthcare practitioners.  Many of us understand that when we get a medical bill, there may be different individual doctors involved. The surgeon or anesthesiologist may bill differently than the family practice doctor, who may bill separately.

    Where this gets tricky is that many hospitals and provider offices are hiring on-shift doctors who are not part of that provider’s network. This may include weekend doctors, hospitalists and other shift-working medical professionals.

    Protecting the Injury Victim: Assessing Medical Bills

    Most well-versed injury lawyers will have a working knowledge of the above-mentioned challenges and will guide clients through the process of evaluating the bills they receive for medical services related to their injuries. In southern New Jersey, Vineland slip and fall lawyers will work hard to assess third-party responsibility and strive to get their clients an opportunity to obtain just compensation in the form of settlements or court awards.

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