• NJ Product Liability Case Centers Around IUDs

    One type of case that professional personal injury lawyers follow very closely is a class action case or other form of multi-claim case centered around product defects or product liability. In the mid-Atlantic area, Marlton general practice attorneys and other local legal professionals have paid attention to an ongoing set of lawsuits widely reported on this spring, that revolve around the use of a product called Mirena IUDs.

    Reports show more than 700 individual suits were brought in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court and are being reviewed after many users complained about complications after “spontaneous migration” of the IUD device.

    There’s also scrutiny of past activities and communications with the FDA where a warning letter cited some “misleading” claims about the product. Readers can find more about breakdowns of past Mirena IUD complaints, as well as some of the additional context for this serious product liability issue, at sites like Bedsider, the project of a federal agency aimed at supporting American women in finding out about birth control issues.

    Product Liability Lawyers: Assessing Cases

    Whether these cases are brought individually, or structured in a class-action suit, multiple claims around the same product will cause professional product liability lawyers to do a lot of research, to pursue what’s in their clients’ best interests in getting compensation for injuries and conditions caused by defective or poorly designed products.

    When these cases end up in New Jersey courts, local Marlton general practice attorneys look carefully at federal, state and local law to determine what’s ‘standard’ or commonly applied for case resolution. When called upon to represent clients in court, qualified personal injury attorneys benefit from a detailed knowledge of what happened in the past, and the overall context around a product or company.

    Apart from advising on the general nature of a product liability case, qualified attorneys will also talk to clients about how they can get the best chance of representing their own particular case. For example, New Jersey state laws on medical evaluation or other claims handling issues can have a critical effect on whether an injury victim is able to recoup money for financial losses related to a product liability injury.

    Marlton General Practice Attorneys

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