• NJ Insurer Now Backed by Liberty Mutual

    Changes in the structure and administration of insurance companies contribute to the often complicated research that injury attorneys have to do when they represent clients in cases involving medical mistakes, surgical error or other kinds of medical malpractice.

    Some of these changes have to do with relationships between businesses — for instance, this article from the Insurance Journal in March shows what’s called a ‘strategic alliance’ between NJ PURE, a local medical malpractice insurer, and Liberty International Underwriters, which is identified as a division of the Liberty Mutual company, a much larger and established national firm.

    The report talks about how the acquiring company looks at the reputation and track record of its new subsidiary.

    Dealing with Insurance Companies

    In pursuing results for medical malpractice and other kinds of personal injury cases, professional medical malpractice lawyers often need to identify applicable insurance companies, and analyze potential payouts against other forms of compensation for injury victims.

    While medical malpractice law teams will help identify whether medical mistakes or negligence contributed to an injury or fatality, they may also have dealings with insurance companies, for instance, as they research how policies are ‘stacked’ and how they will pay out on particular cases. Beyond insurance payouts, professional medical malpractice lawyers seek to advance their clients’ interests in local courts to get them settlements and awards when they have suffered from someone else’s mistakes.

    Communicating with insurance companies or other parties is just one part of what medical malpractice lawyers do for clients. As they bring cases forward, these skilled legal professionals look at relevant federal, state and local law, as well as potential for class action and other kinds of case precedent. In New Jersey, Marlton medical malpractice attorneys and other local lawyers do the research to support their clients’ claims, and keep injury victims informed about how their case is going, and what kind of resolution they might be able to expect according to how local NJ courts work. Those who are injured in medical malpractice situations or other kinds of accidents rely on skilled legal representation to get justice and secure money for the cost of ongoing care and much more.

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