• New OSHA Rule for 2015

    The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has implemented various new rules as of January 2015. Workplace safety has always been a priority for the U.S. government. OSHA and other regulators help to ensure that companies have specific safety standards in place. Those safeguards are getting bolstered by additional legislation to make sure employers are reporting certain kinds of major injuries in the workplace.

    Rule Changes

    The most prominent change to OSHA reporting rules is that some companies and industries will be added to the list of those who must provide critical safety information. A prior list is going to be augmented by new categories of businesses that the government considers higher risk where common-sense reporting rules should apply.

    What Do Employers Need To Report?

    Essentially, the OSHA rule is meant to show researchers and regulators how frequently fatalities and certain types of major injuries occur in a workplace. This information helps to define those jobs and companies where workers may need more protective scrutiny because of the dangers in their industries.

    Under the rule, employers are required to report fatalities within 8 hours and the following within 24 hours:

    • In-patient hospitalization for injuries
    • Amputation of a limb
    • Loss of an eye

    The criteria here is important because it draws a line on what kinds of injuries constitute major damage, and what kinds of reporting are mandatory under U.S. federal law. It shows employers their responsibilities more clearly, and the hope among some officials is that by putting these events more in the public eye, businesses will have more incentive to invest in safety and protect their workers.

    Legal Responses

    The legal industry is going to be looking at these changes closely. Personal injury lawyers work with all sorts of injury victims, including people who may have been injured at work. These lawyers are always looking to establish responsibility in an effort to get the injury victim and his or her family compensation for all medical bills and other costs that these injuries bring about.

    Whether they are injured on the job or in some other type of accident, injury victims rely on qualified legal professionals to help them work through a personal injury case. Similarly, families who have lost loved ones rely on these attorneys to help them through the tragedy and process of a wrongful death case. These attorneys typically do the fact finding to support claims, apply a working knowledge of federal, state and local laws and keep clients informed every step of the way about their legal options and getting their voices heard in court.

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