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    Motorcycle Safety Tips

    There are a lot of things that motorcycle riders enjoy about the experience of riding a bike, but chief among them is the sense of freedom. Many people also enjoy the hint of danger that comes from being so exposed. The thrill of being at risk should stop with that feeling: you don’t want to actually be in a motorcycle accident, and to avoid that there are several motorcycle safety tips that every rider should know. Here are some of our favorite motorcycle safety tips, designed to keep you safe.

    • Know the people you’re with and act accordingly. There are plenty of bikers who are motorcycle accidents waiting to happen. If you want to ride with others, make sure that the motorcyclists you choose are people who know how to handle their bike and act responsibly. Doing so minimizes your chances of getting hurt.
    • Wear highly visible clothing. Sure, black leather jackets are cool, but if you’re on a bike then you want to be seen. Stick to bright colors and make sure that you and your bike have plenty of reflective pieces that make sure that motorists know you’re there.
    • Invest in a good pair of gloves. People invest a lot in their bikes, but they also need to think about their accessories. Good gloves will help you maneuver in an emergency.
    • Don’t get on a bike tired or intoxicated. Your risk factor on a motorcycle is high to begin with. Don’t ever ride if you’re sleep deprived or have had too much to drink.
    • Maintain distance between yourself and others on the road. Whether it’s other riders or cars and trucks, keep at least a 20-foot cushion between you.
    • Avoid tipping your bike by feathering your clutch on slow, tight turns. Whether you’re making a U-turn, turning into a parking lot or turning behind slow-moving traffic, by feathering your clutch you give yourself a lot more control.
    • Handle curves the smart way. Remember “outside, inside, outside” when it comes to maneuvering a lane on a curve.
    • Keep your bike in gear at a stop, and watch out behind you. By keeping ready and alert, you give yourself a chance to escape if somebody is coming up on you too fast.
    • Keep your eyes ahead. Watching where you’re going instead of the road or the scenery is a good way to avoid in a bad motorcycle accident.
    • Be aware of trucks. No matter how big and powerful your bike, it’s hard for a truck driver to see you. Pass them quickly and safely, beware of wind turbulence, and try to make sure they see you.

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