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    Most Common Office Injuries

    You may think that an office environment is one of the safest possible places to work: it’s contained and temperature-controlled, equipped with nothing more dangerous than copy machines and staplers. But employees from CEOs to secretaries suffer significant office injuries every day. Some are caused by the same types of slip and fall accidents that can happen anywhere, while others are the result of repetitive motions, poor posture, or toxic exposures. Knowing what the risks are is the best way to protect yourself. Here is a list of the most common office injuries.

    • Slip and falls – Think an office is a safe place to work? Think again. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who work in office settings are more than twice as likely to seriously hurt themselves as a result of a fall than is true of people in other work environments. The reason has to do with the environment itself: office spaces are veritable minefields of filing cabinets whose drawers have been left open, loose carpeting, trash cans left in places where people can trip, and electrical outlets left in the exact wrong spot. Sometimes floors are wet and people slip, and other times they are walking in an area where the lighting is not adequate. Other falls occur as a result of accidents involving chairs, including falling off of a chair while seated in it or while trying to stand on it.
    • Lifting accidents – You don’t have to work on a loading dock or stock room to hurt yourself by lifting too much weight or using poor form. There are plenty of things that need to be picked up in the course of a day in the office, and if you are out of shape, in the wrong position, twist while lifting or lift something too heavy you can cause serious damage to your neck, back or shoulders.
    • Being struck by an object – It sounds a little funny, but lots of injuries occur as a result of bumping into a stationary object or getting caught between two objects. Just walking into a filing cabinet or a desk can cause serious injury, and it’s not hard to imagine bending over to pick up something from under your desk or close to a hanging cabinet or shelf and then striking your head while straightening up. Items like shelves or cabinets that are not properly secured also pose a real risk: they can fall on top of you, and if you are struck hard enough it can result in broken bones, concussion, or even traumatic brain injury.
    • Ergonomic injuries – If your work station is not properly set up, you can find yourself suffering a repetitive stress injury.

    If you have been hurt in the office, you have a right to pursue workers’ compensation. You may also be able to hold others outside of your workplace legally responsible if their negligence resulted in your being injured. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and how to get compensated for any damages that you may have incurred.

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