• Legendary Gun Maker to File for Bankruptcy Due to Product Defect Claims

    Remington Gun Factory

    Remington Product Defect Claims

    Product liability lawsuits seek compensation for people who have been harmed by product defects, which may have arisen during the design process, the manufacturing process, or as a result of insufficient warnings or instructions. A recent class-action lawsuit about a product defect has not only led to compensation for harm suffered but may have led to the defendant being forced to file for bankruptcy.

    The case involved legendary gun maker Remington. The company was the subject of a class-action lawsuit involving approximately 7.5 million guns that were alleged to be defective. Though some of those involved believed that the settlement should have been larger considering allegations that the company covered up a deadly design defect, the final settlement that was agreed to offer a retrofit on several of the gun maker’s most popular rifles, and a product voucher for the owners of guns that were too old to be modified.

    In the case against Remington, there were numerous accidents and violent incidents associated with their guns, and specifically referencing both an apparently defective trigger that allowed the gun to fire without the trigger being pulled. The company denied the existence of a defect and claimed that they were agreeing to the settlement to avoid protracted litigation. The company, which is the oldest gun maker in the United States, has also faced criticism following the fatal mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 where 26 people were killed. It is believed that a combination of the class-action lawsuit, the Sandy Hook event and a drop in gun sales following the election of President Donald Trump have all contributed to the company’s recently announced plan to file for bankruptcy protection.

    Product liability lawsuits are filed with the goal of making consumers who have been harmed by defective products whole and to provide for the harm that they have suffered. A successful product defect lawsuit results in compensation for medical expenses and other economic damages, as well as for pain and suffering if applicable. If you have been harmed by a defective product and need information on your rights, contact the experienced injury attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr to set up a consultation to discuss your case.

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