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    Keep Your Property Safe For Delivery Drivers This Holiday Season

    It’s the holiday season, and as online shopping has become a preferred method of shopping for gifts, more and more delivery people are on the road and walking up stairs and sidewalks to drop off packages, as well as delivering gifts to recipients. Those delivery drivers are at increased risk when they are behind the wheel, driving on the increasingly busy highways, and they are at risk when they arrive at homes and businesses that are not properly maintained and made safe for visitors. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you need to keep your property safe for delivery drivers in order to avoid a premises liability lawsuit.

    Premises liability lawsuits hold property owners and managers responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on their property as a result of negligence. Though injuries can happen for nearly any reason, premises liability specifically addresses those damages suffered as a result of your property not being maintained in a way that protects against dangers that you either knew about or should have known about. Determining whether the responsibility lies with the property owner or manager instead of the person who was injured also depends on whether the injured party acted in a way that was purposely careless, as well as on their legal status.

    With reference to legal status, delivery drivers are considered invitees onto the property. Just as a customer coming into a restaurant or supermarket is invited in, and a guest in your home is invited in, previous legal cases have established that when a delivery person comes onto your property to deliver a package that you ordered or was ordered to be delivered to you is a business invitee, and therefore you owe them a duty of care to make sure that your premises are safe. Based on that, the question of their injury will turn to whether the harm that they suffered based on the condition of your property was foreseeable or not.

    As a homeowner or business owner, this means that if you have steps that have the potential of being slippery, a stairwell that has a loose handrail or carpeting, a dimly lit hallway or any other condition that could lead to physical harm, you need to take steps to correct it for the protection of the delivery driver, as well as any other visitors who come to your property.

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