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    Injured by a Commercial Vehicle?

    5 Steps You Can Take to Ensure That You Receive Compensation

    Being involved in an accident is always frightening, and when your accident involves a commercial vehicle, things can become even more intimidating. The vehicles driven by large companies are often much larger than passenger cars, and can end up causing far greater injury to the passengers in a regular automobile. Add to that the complexity that may arise as a result of the fact that it is hard to tell who is responsible. While it is generally true that the company that uses a commercial vehicle will be responsible for the actions of the person driving on their behalf, it is also true that they sometimes may hire a contracted trucking company. In other cases, a company may simply rent a truck but use their own staff to drive them. If you have been injured by a commercial vehicle, it is essential that you choose a personal injury law firm that has the experience and knowledge to be able to effectively address all of these possibilities and many more, and get you the compensation that you deserve. The law firm of Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr have the resources and knowledge that you need.

    There are many reasons why commercial vehicle accidents happen. The vehicles themselves can be unwieldy and difficult to drive, particularly if they have been loaded improperly or if their drivers have not been properly trained. The drivers often spend many hours on the road with insufficient sleep, and this leads to driver fatigue. There are also many instances in which drivers have been found to have used illicit drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel. The companies that own and operate commercial vehicles are aware of the risks, and when an accident happens they often do everything they can to avoid having to provide compensation to victims. In order to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve, follow these five steps:

    1. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you.
    2. Do not sign any waivers or answer any questions asked by representatives of the trucking company. Instead, refer all questions to your attorney.
    3. If at all possible, gather information at the scene of the accident regarding anybody who may have witnessed what happened. Take notes on what they say about what happened, and get names and phone numbers. Take photos from the scene.
    4. Seek medical attention, even if you believe that you have not been injured. All too often serious injuries do not make themselves apparent immediately.
    5. Keep receipts of all expenses, and note any days of work that you lose.

    The process of filing a personal injury claim following being injured by a commercial vehicle is made much easier with the help of an experienced professional. Call the attorneys at Jarve, Kaplan, Granato & Starr LLC today to minimize stress and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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