• How Improper Signage Can Contribute to Workplace Accidents

    slip and fall sign

    Accidents in the Workplace

    Signs are such a constant part of our lives that we may not even think about their existence. But whether we are conscious of it or not, the presence of a sign does make an impact on us, making sure that we know which way to go, whether to push a door or pull, and which bathroom is for men and which for women. On the job site, signs are an essential part of keeping employees safe: they warn of danger zones, hazardous waste, high voltage, and even something as seemingly innocuous as wet floors. Just as a carefully placed sign can help to prevent an accident, a lack of proper signage can significantly increase the risk of a workplace accident or injury happening.

    Even work environments that aren’t by nature dangerous can be hazardous if workers are unaware of steps, slippery floors, debris and other dangers. They are also extremely helpful when it comes to guiding and protecting visitors through your workplace, as well as delivery personnel, contractors or subcontractors who may not be familiar with your environment. Even if employees are aware of the dangers inherent in their surroundings, having signage prominently displayed serves as a powerful reminder and protects against work-related accidents, injuries and deaths.

    In addition to addressing permanent dangers, a lack of signage during a temporary situation is particularly dangerous. If your workplace is undergoing any kind of repairs or other scenarios that have made it an unsafe environment, putting up proper signage is essential to prevent injuries that can lead to disability. The key is for employers to emphasize awareness: doing so can minimize the risk of the following types of accidents:

    • Slip and fall accidents, which can lead to injuries as mild as a strain or sprain and as serious as a traumatic brain injury, or even death.
    • Electrical accidents caused by high voltage currents. Lack of proper signage can lead to serious burns, and even to electrocutions.
    • Strain injuries from lifting, pulling or carrying incorrectly. Signage can remind employees of proper positioning that can avoid back injuries.
    • Struck from above injuries. A sign reminding employees to wear their hardhats can avoid head injuries and fatalities.

    Working with an experienced workplace accident attorney can ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Call our office today to set up an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys.

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