• What to do Immediately After a Minor Car Accident

    Minor car accidents happen. In fact, it is estimated that those that begin driving in their teenage years will be involved in as many as four minor car accidents throughout their lifetime. Even still, the steps immediately following a minor accident are often overlooked or, in some cases, unknown. Understanding the right actions to take after an accident ahead of time can lead to less panic and better care for all involved.

    Move Out of the Way

    While it is a shock to be in a car accident, movement should happen as soon as it is possible in order to avoid further accidents. If the vehicles in the accident are drivable, they should be moved to the side of the road. This will ensure better safety for those involved in the car accident along with passersby. There is a misconception that moving the vehicles will remove important evidence or that it is not allowed for other reason, but this is not true.

    Administer First Aid and Call for Medical Help

    The primary concern after any accident should be everyone’s safety and medical condition. If it is possible, perform first aid immediately. Whether anyone appears to be injured, be sure to contact emergency medical help. Even when injuries do not appear, they could be present. Only a medical professional can determine someone’s condition.

    Contact Authorities

    When the damage is limited, it can be tempting to shake hands and call it a day. However, this can lead to severe complications. If one person agrees to pay for the other’s damages, it could fall through without proof an agreement was made. Further, damages could be worse than they appear. Either the car could need more work, or what seemed like a minor or no injury could turn out to be major. If it was not immediately reported, it is unlikely these damages will be remedied if the other person turns out to be unscrupulous.

    Get the Right Information

    Before anyone leaves the scene, names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information, and driver’s license numbers should be exchanged. It is also a good idea to take document of as much as possible, including photographic evidence. It is also important to take note of car makes and models, along with any other detail. The more information, the better the turnout.

    Even in a minor accident, it pays to have the right lawyer. The right personal injury lawyer can help seek compensation for damages and create the best legal strategy for your case. Contact our team today to find out how the right legal counsel can help.

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