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    How to Talk to a Dog Owner About an Aggressive Dog

    If you want to test the truth in the old saying about dog being man’s best friend, just try criticizing another person’s pet. You’ll see them stand up for their dog faster than they’re likely to do for their children. Though this might be nothing but a nuisance when it comes to keeping their dog from peeing on your lawn, it is an entirely different thing when the topic is the animal’s aggression. If you are feeling intimidated or threatened, there’s a 50/50 chance that talking to the dog’s owner is going to make a difference.

    You may head into a conversation with the dog owner with the best intentions, and it is definitely worth a try. But in an unfortunate number of cases, the owner is already well aware of their dog’s misbehavior or aggression and simply doesn’t care.  If you’re not sure whether this is true, just check out any community social media site and search for the term ‘leash.’ There you’re likely to find a lively conversation in which people who are afraid of dogs and who want them leashed are facing off with people who feel that dogs should run free. Those conversations can get extremely heated.

    If you are facing a real-life situation of your own — whether it’s that the dog is intimidating you or your child or pet — it’s always best to start off with some kind of compliment, such as what a beautiful animal the dog is. From there you can move on to pointing out the problem and suggesting a solution. You want to explain why the dog being loose or aggressive is a concern.

    Starting with a threat against the animal or its owner is not a good idea. Doing so raises the temperature too quickly and is likely to work against you. Give them a chance to fix the situation. If the dog remains a concern you always have the opportunity to escalate, whether to a landlord, the local police, or even an attorney if the dog actually causes an injury.

    If you have already been the victim of an aggressive dog, you have rights. Contact us today and let us act as your advocate.

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