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    How to Report Unsafe Construction Site Conditions

    Construction sites are generally considered a sign of progress. Whether it is repair and renovation or new construction, when work is being done it means that somebody is investing in improvement. Unfortunately, the focus on the future doesn’t always pay enough attention to today and keeping people safe. Construction sites are among the most dangerous places in the world, with one in ten construction site workers injured every year and roughly 150,000 construction site accidents reported every year. Whether you are a worker or a pedestrian who notices something wrong, it is important that you know who to contact in order to report unsafe construction site conditions.

    Though your first instinct may be to contact the company whose name is posted on the construction site, you may get more immediate results by contacting one of the two regulatory bodies that are most responsible for keeping people and employees safe. Start with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the appropriate Department of Buildings or Public Works department for the locale. OSHA is specifically tasked with assuring “safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women.”

    Much of your approach will depend upon the severity of what you see. If you believe that an unsafe construction site represents a clear and immediate danger that requires an urgent response, then dial 911. If the situation is less emergent, contact either of the two agencies listed above by calling them directly or dialing 311 where available. When you report what you’ve seen, provide specific information about the location and the hazard, as well as whether it is endangering workers, civilians or both. You should be sure to include any specific information about the company whose name is posted on site.

    If you are an employee on the unsafe construction site, you may want to start by speaking directly with your employer or supervisor about your concerns, though you also have the right to call OSHA and speak confidentially. If you choose to do so, provide as many pertinent details as you can about the danger you see, including how many people are at risk, what type of work is being done, whether safety training was offered, and similar information.

    Though reporting unsafe construction sites to appropriate authorities may take you outside of your comfort zone, in doing so you are protecting people who are at risk and doing the right thing. If you’ve been injured while working in an unsafe work environment, contact our experienced attorneys today!

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