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    How to Get the Most Out of a Large Injury Settlement

    Injury Settlements

    When you’ve suffered a personal injury, your first thought and focus should always be on getting better: after all, nothing is more important than your recovery and the restoration of your health. But after the dust has settled and you have a clear picture of the impact that your injury has had (and will have) on your life, you need to be clear-eyed in your approach to the settlement process. The more you can do to maximize the injury settlement you’re going to receive, the more confident you can be in your economic future.

    So, what’s the best way to make sure you’re getting the most that you can out of your settlement?

    Here are a few helpful hints:

    • The single most important element of a successful personal injury claim is having the right attorney representing you. You want to select a personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced, and who has a record of successfully maximizing settlements on behalf of their clients. Take the time to interview a few different attorneys and ask them for testimonials from their clients. Choose the one with both the best references and with whom you feel most comfortable.
    • Document everything – This means taking pictures of the scene of a car accident, keeping records of doctors’ appointments, asking for witness information: each type of documentation will depend upon your specific circumstances, but the more physical evidence you have to prove that you were a victim of negligence and that you suffered a significant injury, the better.
    • Don’t Give the Other Side Any Ammunition – More specifically, stay off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as much as possible, and don’t post anything at all that can be used against you to imply that you aren’t injured as badly as you say. You can’t claim that you have a poor quality of life and have pictures of you laughing and smiling online.
    • Don’t Skip Medical Care – Plenty of people turn down medical attention or ignore their doctor’s orders. Being a stoic about your pain can cheat you out of compensation that you otherwise would get.
    • Be Honest – Don’t try to hide previous injuries or exaggerate your symptoms in order to make this one seems worse than it is. The truth will always come out, and if you can be shown to be less than forthcoming on one element of your claim, it can affect your settlement offer.

    If you have suffered a personal injury and would like to speak to our experienced personal injury attorneys about your situation, contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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