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    How to Avoid Premises Liability Lawsuits

    Homeowners and business owners alike are responsible for the safety of people who enter their property. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is also important for your bottom line, as when somebody gets hurt on your property you run the risk of facing a premises liability lawsuit. A premises liability lawsuit can be filed by a guest, visitor, vendor or even a trespasser who is invited onto your property. The suit will be based upon your failure to respond to known or foreseen risks to their safety, whether by fixing a known problem or warning them against it. Premises liability lawsuits seek compensation for the damages that people have suffered as a result of this lack of attention, and they can be very costly to the property owner.

    Not every injury that occurs on a property is necessarily a matter of negligence. Accidents can happen. But there are some things that make accidents more likely, and one is neglecting the safety of your property. One of the most common reasons why a premises liability lawsuit is filed is what’s known as a “slip and fall” accident. This can involve anything from a torn carpet or debris on the floor to ice in a parking lot or a cracked sidewalk. Though the term slip and fall seems minimal, people can suffer serious injuries when they fall – many victims die. If a person who comes onto your property suffers a slip-and-fall injury and they can prove that it was your carelessness or failure to address the issue that was behind it, you will likely be found guilty of negligence.

    Other types of premises liability lawsuits involve property owners not taking care in the way that items that are high up are secured – if something falls and hits a visitor on the head, they can suffer a traumatic brain injury. A poorly lit hallway, improperly working elevator or escalator, stairwell without a properly secured handrail – each of these can lead to a person falling or suffering a significant injury, and so too can a failure on the property owner’s part to keep their property safe from bad actors. Shopping centers and apartment buildings have been found guilty of negligence for security breaches resulting in crimes that occur in their buildings, even though they had nothing to do with the bad actor who committed the crime.

    The best way to avoid a premises liability lawsuit is to take care of your property in order to avoid accidents occurring. A building’s owner or manager needs to constantly be on the watch for hazards and respond to them immediately, either by repairing them or warning people of their existence.

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