• Hospitality Issues for Businesses and Property Owners

    Premises Liability

    With respect to the legal implications of premises liability, a primary issue involves the idea that anyone who obtains an injury while on someone else’s property can immediately go out and secure a personal injury lawyer to investigate the facts of the case. What this means for individual homeowners, rental property owners and businesses alike is that they all need to be concerned about the maintenance of their properties and take a thorough look at the things that may constitute reasonable safety hazards.

    Generally speaking, “hospitality issues” involve problems whereby a property presents risks and the legal system sees liability on the part of the responsible property owner. Below are some of the most common hospitality issues of which property owners and business leaders need to be aware.

    Uneven Sidewalks or Walkways

    Uneven sidewalks are serious issues — just ask any member of a municipal board or council. In various parts of the country, public safety officials undertake campaigns to make sure that sidewalks and other walkways are safe for pedestrians. But private businesses and property owners also need to do their parts.  In many places where public sidewalks are the responsibility of an owner, ignoring safety issues can mean substantial legal liability later.

    A Crumbling Edifice Can Do Serious Damage

    Another major safety risk can come from above, when an owner fails to properly maintain a building façade or accessory.  An accident could happen in the form of a brick or piece of mortar coming loose, or some antiquated fastener coming unmoored from a building and sending debris crashing down.

    Doors and Windows

    Another big issue is a lack of proper security.  When doors to dangerous areas of buildings are not locking properly, or when broken windows present jagged glass, owners should be aware that this is a huge red flag in terms of premises liability.

    Pools and Amenities

    An additional type of hospitality hazard concerns some of the desirable extras that get added to a property or business location. One of the most common “extras” is a swimming pool.  Swimming pools add value to a property, but they also add risk. In many cases, it is a reasonable safety precaution to invest in fencing, especially locking gates, to make sure that visitors and unauthorized trespassers do not find themselves in an emergency situation in the property owner’s pool, hot tub, plunge pit, etc.

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