• Hidden Injuries in Small Car Accidents

    Small Car Accidents

    One reason why it is so important to consult experienced injury attorneys after car accidents is that these types of accidents tend to cause injuries and health problems that often get overlooked. Some specific types of bodily injuries that happen in a collision take time to develop and present themselves, and the symptoms can often be confusing.

    Even qualified health care providers can have trouble diagnosing and treating such health conditions. Here are some of the concerning things that doctors look for when evaluating car accident victims.


    Whiplash is a condition that results from high-velocity impact and force in even minor auto collisions. Medical professionals understand that whiplash is difficult to diagnose, in part because it is not always evident in examinations. This resource from the federal National Institutes of Health looks at how whiplash can be diagnosed with some types of MRIs, and also gives a list of symptoms, including:

    • headaches
    • balance problems
    • vertigo
    • dizziness
    • ringing in the ears
    • light sensitivity
    • fatigue

    Soft Tissue Damage

    Soft tissue damage is a term used extensively to talk about a broad range of injuries. Soft tissue damage happens wherever tendons, ligaments or certain kinds of tissues are affected in the body. It can happen in the limbs or closer to the spine. One thing that is difficult about soft tissue damage is that the body uses inflammation as a way to heal itself, but inflammation is also a factor in many different health conditions and even in some drug reactions. That leads to some confusion and complexity in identifying soft tissue damage in the body.

    Lower Back Problems

    In even minor collisions, it can be easy for impact to dislocate one or more of the vertebrae in the lower part of the spine or put pressure on spinal discs. Many chiropractors understand the role that a car accident or similar injury situation has in affecting the lower back. It is also true that many of us have lower back problems as a result of repetitive stress activities — that is one thing that makes lower back problems so difficult for doctors examining injury victims.

    When attempting to make sense of all the above-mentioned conditions, injury victims rely on professional injury lawyers to always look out for their best interests and fight for them in court. There is a general interplay between the medical attention an injury victim receives, and the ways that they obtain compensation in personal injury cases. Families need to know that they have an experienced and dedicated injury law firm on their side that is prepared to bring a personal injury case for a family member.

    If you or a family member has been in a car accident, call the Marlton injury lawyers of Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr, LLC. Let us help you to access your rights under the law. Call today to get help from attorneys who care about you and your struggle to have your voice heard in court.

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