• Gloucester Adds Drug Counselors to Local Courtrooms

    As a response to significant substance abuse problems in some New Jersey communities, Gloucester Township officials have moved to place substance abuse counselors in some southern New Jersey courtrooms.

    Reporting from the Courier Post shows that these licensed counselors will help those suffering from addiction, by giving them more information and resources for rehabilitation and self-improvement, assumedly attending court hearings and other events to look at what’s happening around the legal consequences of someone’s addiction.

    Impacting Crime and Public Health in Southern New Jersey

    These new changes in New Jersey courtrooms are coming after state officials and law enforcement agencies have been looking at the unfortunate effect of drugs like heroin on local communities. Front-line police workers know all too well how heroine has become a destructive force in and around Gloucester Township and other local New Jersey areas.

    Personal injury attorneys also recognize the effect of having substance abuse counselors involved in the justice system. The abuse of hard narcotics like heroin doesn’t just impact crime rates — it also impacts rates of personal injury and wrongful death. Many personal injury cases involve inappropriate action by individuals who may be under the influences of banned substances. Substance abuse and crime factor into the overall rates of public injury that in turn affect the work of injury lawyers representing injury victims in court.

    Professional Marlton personal injury lawyers and other attorneys around southern New Jersey understand this, because they work with clients to understand all of the facts around a personal injury case. In looking at an individual case, a personal injury attorney will evaluate whether any kind of negligence, inattention to public safety or reckless behavior was involved in an accident. This process is meant to support public citizens who are looking to recover some of the costs of care and physical rehabilitation from their injuries. Without good representation, injury victims can face technicalities and legal limitations that seem arbitrary, that can prevent them from getting money that they need to handle an injury. That’s why so many injury victims and their families move immediately to secure the services of a qualified legal team, to get needed advice on medical evaluations, court filings and much more, according to knowledge of a local court system.

    Legal Help from Marlton Personal Injury Lawyers

    If you or someone in your family is suffering from a personal injury, talk to the Marlton personal injury lawyers at Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr, LLC. We are experienced in helping New Jersey families understand the details of a personal injury case, and how to move these cases forward to get the best chance of applicable settlements or awards in local courts. We will work with you and keep you constantly updated on your case, to help you to understand your options under the law.

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