• Factors that Increase the Risk for a Truck Crash

    When driving a smaller vehicle, it can seem like truck crash risks are all-around you. Even as the driver of the truck, it can be difficult to navigate the road without creating risks of a crash while getting where you need to go on time. There are some factors that can create unnecessary risk when it comes to safely driving a large truck.

    The FMCSA report has identified several factors that greatly increase the risk for a truck crash and how to best avoid those risks.

    Driver-Related Factors

    Driving safely starts with the operator of the vehicle. However, drivers are not often the culprit when it comes to truck crashes. A 2015 study showed driver behaviors only factored for 33 percent of fatal crashes for large trucks compared to 57 percent in passenger vehicle drivers. For truck drivers, the two factors that primarily account for the 33 percent of fatal accidents include inattentiveness and speeding of any kind.

    Collisions and Overturns

    In 74 percent of all fatal crashes involving a large truck, collisions were the main factor. Only 4 percent of fatal crashes with a large truck were a result of turning over. This means it is more important to factor following distances and speeding over concerns about overturns. In fact, 84 percent of injury crashes and 78 percent of property-damage-only crashes also resulted from collisions.

    Speed Limits

    Going over the speed limit isn’t the only concern when operating a large truck. Areas where the speed limit was over 50 mph account for 64 percent of fatal crashes involving a large truck.

    Lower Risks

    Some of the factors that don’t impact the risk of large truck accidents may surprise employers. These factors include:

    • Vehicle-related factors
    • Time of day
    • Interstate highways
    • Work zones
    • Weather and roadway conditions

    In fact, most crashes occur during the day, in clear weather and on dry roads. This may be due to more vehicles on the road but drivers should be careful not to believe crashes only occur during poor weather and when visibility is low.

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