• Elderly Resident Injured in Purse Snatching

    Marlton, NJ

    A horrifying attack on an elderly woman at a local Marlton shopping center is an illustration of how communities have a responsibility to protect some of their most vulnerable citizens.

    August reports in the Courier Post online show that an elderly victim sustained significant injuries in a theft incident, when a younger man grabbed her purse outside a shopping center in Marlton.

    Apparently, another individual was involved in the incident, in which the woman was not just robbed, but pulled along a stretch of concrete.

    Police reported the victim suffered a broken arm and broken hip, as well as facial bleeding and some possible internal injuries, and was treated at Cooper University Hospital.

    Seniors: Post-Accident Care and Other Injury Risk Factors

    Medical professionals need to be extremely careful with elderly personal injury victims. Because of issues like bone brittleness and possible mobility issues, some of these patients require more fragile handling.

    Beyond that, elderly individuals face certain risks as public citizens; for instance, they are often most preyed upon by thieves and scammers, for a number of reasons. Seniors face a kind of ‘double threat’ in that they may be less savvy to the ways of the modern world and able to think on their feet under pressure — on the other hand, they may also face mobility challenges or other health conditions that make them vulnerable.

    Assessing Personal Injury — Mall Security and Public Safety

    When a professional personal injury lawyer gets involved in these kinds of cases, he or she will want to know about the full context of the accident. Obviously, the suspects are liable to criminal charges, but what about the victim? How will his or her needs be met?

    One issue is looking at security in a mall area or other shopping area. Was there security on duty at the time? Did the mall have adequate security measures such as adequate exterior lighting or security personnel on duty? These are critical questions that a personal injury lawyer will look into, to fully represent an injury victim and seek compensation for all of the costs of an injury.

    Generally, personal injury lawyers understand the extent to which property owners and business leaders are responsible for protecting the public. Whether it’s a slip and fall incident or a violent crime, these lawyers will look carefully at the details of the case, to determine whether any negligence or inattention to public safety played a part. In the southern New Jersey area, Vineland slip and fall lawyers and other local attorneys do this to get their clients, the injury victims, the absolute best access to potential settlements and awards that will help them face the costs of care and recovery.

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