• Dogs Knocking PA Cyclists Over Causes Worry


    While dog bites get the most press, there is another pet-related injury that is causing concern in Pennsylvania. Dogs breaking free from yards or chasing bikers when let off-leash have caused more issues than dog bites ever have in the area. While it doesn’t seem to be cause for alarm at the surface, these injuries can be serious.

    Most often, these injuries are the result of a dog that is not restrained properly or has broken out of their encasement, such as the fence of a backyard. When this happens, the public is at risk. This is also prevalent at parks, where owners may feel their dog can handle being off their leash only to find that they should have kept them on one.

    For instance, a dog may be of great temperament but the moment they see a cyclist, may be unable to contain their excitement and wind up chasing after the cyclist. Feeling scared and as though they are going to be attacked, the cyclist will often speed up. When this is done, the dog may believe the person is “playing” with them and also increase speed, leading to a collision that could not only send the cyclist flying and lead to a head injury, but could wind up hurting the dog as well. This makes it very important for owners to stay prudent when taking their furry friends in public.

    Culpability and Negligence

    It’s never truly the dog’s fault when they react to their environment. Instead, it is up to the owner to ensure their dog is safe and that others are safe around the dog. Examples of negligent behavior include:

    • Having a dog off a leash.
    • Not keeping a dog properly fenced in a yard.
    • Failing to control a dog properly when on a leash.
    • Not containing the dog in the home or car.

    Even the most well-meaning dog can cause injury when their owner is not prudent. If someone is injured, it is up to the owner to pay for the damages. This can include medical bills, out-of-pocket costs for medications, crutches, lost wages, and even pain and suffering.

    If you have been injured by a dog, we can help. At Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr, our attorneys understand your rights in Pennsylvania and will hold the dog owner responsible for your financial and emotional suffering. Contact us today for more information.

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