• What Damages Can be Sought in a Wrongful Death Case?

    A wrongful death case is essentially a medical malpractice lawsuit where the victim has passed away. For families, this is a highly emotional time. It can be difficult to accept the loss of a spouse or loved one generally but when it has been determined they would have lived longer if not for negligence or other mistakes, the healing process can take much longer. This can be exasperated from financial burdens that could not have been foreseen along with emotional and logistical responsibilities that were previously handled by the now deceased.

    However, the person or entity that caused this misfortune in your life can be held accountable for the extra burden on your plate. Damages from such a case span into both economic and punitive damages that the estate of the deceased can seek in court.

    Economic Damages

    These damages are more straightforward and deal with the financial burdens of losing a loved one. They include:

    • Benefits lost from their passing such as medical coverage or pensions.
    • Inheritance(s) lost due to their death.
    • Loss of the victim’s expected earnings for the household.
    • Costs relating to medical care and funeral costs.
    • Goods or services that would have been provided by the victim such as childcare.

    Punitive Damages

    When someone has acted negligently, they can also be held accountable for punitive damages since they have broken the law. Examples of punitive damages include:

    • Loss of emotional support such as guidance, protection, advice, care, and nurturing that the victim would have provided presently and in the future.
    • Loss of companionship, love and society from the victim for the family or spouse.
    • Loss of consortium for the surviving spouse.
    • Mental anguish along with pain and suffering for the survivor.

    While nothing can replace your loved one, we can help piece your life back together by seeking the damages you deserve. Contact our team today and find out how we can fight for justice on you and your loved one’s behalf.

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