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    Common Premises Accidents

    Premises accidents happen all the time, and in many cases, there is nobody at fault. But when you legally walk into or onto somebody else’s property — whether a business, a private person or a public agency — you have the expectation that you will be safe and that the person or entity that owns it, or is responsible for its maintenance, pays attention to issues of general safety and that they’ve taken whatever steps are needed to make sure that it is safe or that they’ve provided warnings about potential risk. Failure to do so can result in serious injuries. If you’ve been hurt on somebody else’s property it is known as a premises accident, and if the property owner or manager failed to act reasonably to keep the area safe then you may have a right to seek compensation through a premises liability personal injury lawsuit.

    Premises accidents can lead to high costs and other impacts and filing a premises liability lawsuit can help you recover those costs from those responsible. A premises accident attorney can help you recover medical costs, lost wages and more if you have suffered any of the following common premises accidents:

    • Slip and Fall accidents – These are the most common type of premises accidents, and they can happen nearly anywhere. Many people slip and fall in shopping centers, parking lots, food markets, retail stores, and restaurants, but these accidents can also happen on the job, on construction sites and more. They are frequently caused by wet or icy floors or debris left carelessly and can result in traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, fractures, torn and sprained ligaments, broken bones and more.
    • Trip and Fall accidents – These are specifically caused by uneven or poorly maintained walkways such as broken sidewalks, potholes, cracked pavement, or poorly maintained or torn carpeting.
    • Falling from a height – This can occur on a stairway that is poorly lit or that has loose or missing railings or uneven or missing steps, from scaffolding on construction sites, and other similarly precarious and poorly protected heights.
    • Being struck by an object – These types of accidents occur when things fall from shelves or when a moving object such as a door causes injury.
    • Swimming pool accidents – Homeowners and property owners that are responsible for pools are expected to provide a high level of protection against drowning, including gates or fences, pool covers and alarms, and more.

    If you or someone you love has been injured on somebody else’s property and you believe that it is a result of their failure to maintain their property safely, we can help. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your situation.

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