• Chief of Police Shot in New Jersey Township

    A rather unusual instance of a personal injury by handgun was recorded on Philly.com and other venues in May, showing that a local New Jersey Township police chief was shot once with a 45 caliber gun, but was not critically wounded, in an incident May 6. According to press coverage, a juvenile “was responsible for the discharge” of the gun, but local prosecutors would not specify whether the case qualified as a shooting, or whether the person in question actually deliberately shot the victim.

    This type of case often gets top billing in the media, but these unusual cases are not unique in that personal injury lawyers have to do significant research and evaluate a complicated context when representing clients in court. Those representing injury victims need to start with the facts of a case, looking at whether any involved parties have responsibility for compensating the injury victims. For example, in these kinds of cases, what does it mean to say that someone ‘sustained injuries’ from a handgun? Were appropriate safety measures in place, and what was the context of the incident?

    While looking at opportunities for court awards or settlements for injury victims in New Jersey, Vineland personal injury lawyers also may deal with local facts and policies around insurance company payouts, local limitations or restrictions on court awards, and much more. Local personal injury attorneys need to have a detailed knowledge of federal, state and local laws and general case precedent to know what’s considered reasonable from a legal standpoint, and to get good outcomes for their clients in local courts.

    Helping Personal Injury Clients

    The best Vineland personal injury lawyers helping Jersey residents combine a thorough and professional method of case preparation with a dedication to providing clients with current information, and helping them work through their options in a personal injury or wrongful death case.

    Injury victims and their families rely on qualified injury lawyers to help them understand how cases work in their areas of residence, for instance, what rules are in place about timely and unbiased medical evaluation that can make all of the difference in whether victims can be adequately compensated for injuries.

    Families need these settlements and awards to help with medical bills, costs for physical therapy or other services for recovery, and transportation, not to mention missed wages and other costs related to the aftermath of an injury.

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