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  • NJ Product Liability Case Centers Around IUDs

    One type of case that professional personal injury lawyers follow very closely is a class action case or other form of multi-claim case centered around product defects or product liability. In the mid-Atlantic area, Marlton general practice attorneys and other local legal professionals have paid attention to an ongoing set of lawsuits widely reported on this spring, that revolve around the use of a product…

  • NJ Insurer Now Backed by Liberty Mutual

    Changes in the structure and administration of insurance companies contribute to the often complicated research that injury attorneys have to do when they represent clients in cases involving medical mistakes, surgical error or other kinds of medical malpractice. Some of these changes have to do with relationships between businesses — for instance, this article from the Insurance Journal in March shows what’s called a ‘strategic…

  • OSHA: PA Workers Exposed to Fall Hazards

    The many different kinds of risks present in the construction industry can often be identified through looking at the kinds of citations that businesses get from federal safety groups and other regulators. For example, a recent case in Pennsylvania shows how the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA handles certain kinds of slip and fall hazards for construction workers. According to an internal…

  • School Bullying and Personal Injury: Representing NJ Victims

    New changes in New Jersey school bullying laws provide some general insight on how broad-based many kinds of cases had can be that involve victims of either physical or emotional abuse. As of the spring of 2014, local New Jersey courts are ruling that school districts facing bullying lawsuits can, in some cases, bring claims against those who are accused of bullying behavior. Under the…

  • Anthony Granato and Adam Starr Selected as Super Lawyers

    Meet Our Super Lawyers Anthony Granato and Adam Starr were recently selected by their peers as a Super Lawyers. Considered among the best in their profession, Super Lawyers represent the top 5% of the practicing attorneys in New Jersey.

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