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  • Patient First Coming to Woodbury

    A new line of urgent care centers is coming to Gloucester in southern New Jersey. August 5 reports from the South Jersey Times show Virginia-based Patient First is opening up a facility at 630 Mantua Pike in Woodbury on August 13. The facility, which is slated to open late this year or early next year, will have radiology, lab and prescription drug operations on site….

  • Gloucester Adds Drug Counselors to Local Courtrooms

    As a response to significant substance abuse problems in some New Jersey communities, Gloucester Township officials have moved to place substance abuse counselors in some southern New Jersey courtrooms. Reporting from the Courier Post shows that these licensed counselors will help those suffering from addiction, by giving them more information and resources for rehabilitation and self-improvement, assumedly attending court hearings and other events to look…

  • Roadwork in Cherry Hill – How Roadwork Increases Accident Risk

    A recent roadwork project in Cherry Hill is just one example of the many kinds of projects that local road crews have to accomplish, while taking into account massive traffic volumes and general requirements for public safety. Local newspapers including the Courier Post have reported on projects such as new work on Springdale Road and other areas. The particular Springdale Road project required milling and…

  • New Jersey is the 13th Safest State

    13th Safest State In recent studies of relative public safety, New Jersey got a gold star of sorts. Reporting in the Star-Ledger this month shows that the state of New Jersey qualifies as the 13th safest state in the country. A color-coded map shows that many of the safest states are located around the New England corridor and other northern areas of the country, while…

  • Jersey Senators Promote Truck Safety

    Reporting from the NJ Star-Ledger in June shows two New Jersey Senators, Cory Booker and Robert Menendez, are fighting back against a plan by the U.S. Congress to alleviate some restrictions on truck drivers’ schedules. Critics of the proposed change in federal rules say that the Senate Appropriations Committee was influenced by the trucking industry, and that federal legislators are due to make American roads…

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